The World Empire of False Religion

All Religion is False Religion

Catholics Exposed

              Dear friends my name is Nathan Lee Couper I am the President and Secretary of the one and only New World Order political party. I have put this peace of information together to shed light on the Catholic Church. Catholics clam that they are Christians and are not but are a synagogue of Satan and the biggest world wide false religion on earth. the Catholics originated from the Roman Empire and they originally called themselves Roman Catholics. You can do your own research on the History of the Roman Empire like History books also its right throughout the New Testament the book of Romans is a letter from the Orthodox Jewish church about 2000 years ago condemning them. by the way Revelation 11 vs 1 also Ezra 3 vs 8 talks about this same Jewish church rebuilding a temple try getting a straight answer about this, i think it goes like this there is a Holy place in Jerusalem called the dome of the rock at the moment there is a mosque there, and the Jews want to put there temple there this is what I am talking about religion is full of it if i get my way there wont be any building that promotes fairy tales built on that mountain. any way where were we Roman Catholics added 5 months to a year to fit in their Holidays, originally their was only 7 months in a year Christmas for the Catholics is actually a festival celebration of lights the 25 of December is also the Birth day of a Roman Goddess of Lights and Thanksgiving and that's why we also have lights on our Christmas trees. Catholics worship idols and statues of the Virgin Mary and Jesus the Cross. The pope has a ring on his finger that all his followers kiss which is an act of worship"interesting" I must say its quite a nice but ordinary ring. Catholics also worship the sun god rah's son Isis set up in  another so called holy place in Europe st Paul's cathedral sites in its shadow. Revelation 13 vs 1 talks about 10 horns these horns actually represent powerful people on earth the King and Queen of England the president of the USA the World Ruler and the pop also known as the false prophet of Revelation and various other people. Catholics Don't allow the Priests and Nuns to marry or have children which is not natural is it look at Genesis 4 vs 1 and 3 vs 20